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Hewlett-Packard (HP) Complaint - Hard Drives - HP Pavillion dv6000
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Complaint

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Complaint


Hard Drives - HP Pavillion dv6000

I purchased my HP Pavilion 1 year ago. My hard drive died. The message read non-system disk error. I contacted HP because their web-site said that the hard drive in this computer had a problem. I contacted HP and asked for a new hard-drive and that all I wanted. They told me my computer was 21 days out of warranty and that even know they sold a computer with a defective hard-drive that they would not replace the hard-drive.

Please help

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schnauzer1 says: (9 years ago)
On 11/24/09 my H/P computer ceased to operate (CRASHED) the computer being only 10 months old, I called H/P and got in touch with a tech. The computer would not advance past the splash screen no matter what you would try, or what the tech. Ask me to do. At that point the tech. Told me that I would have to disassemble the computer and access the hard drive and start removing cables to diagnose the problem and ask me if I felt comfortable doing this, I replied NO. He replied that this was the only way to find out what the problem was, I once again told him that I was NOT a computer tech. And did not feel comfortable doing this. He then told me that basically if I did not do this, that I was on my own and could repair it on my own (HORRIBLE TECHNICAL SUPPORT). I said wait a minutes this computer is under warranty and you (H/P) need to fix it or better yet just send me a new computer, he stated that this is not possible and that it is never done (although 5 years previous my H/P crashed and that is exactly what happened) I told him this and he said no that could not happen. He then said that they could send out a tech. to my home to repair it, I said that would be fine, and he then told me that the cost of the repair would come out of my pocket, I then told him that I was not going to pay a dime to have the computer repaired because it was under warranty. The tech. Then told me that if I did not do as he ask that the call would be terminated and I was on my own to get the computer repaired (HORRIBLE SERVICE).
At that point things really escalated in every way imaginable.
At that point , I had no choice but to disassemble the computer as the tech. ask. It did not go well and I had a very bad time on the disassemble and assembly, and guess what, it still would not work after I did everything he ask. (SUPPRISE SUPPRISE).
The tech. then stated that they (H/P) would send me a box in about 3 day, and that I was to load the tower into it and send it back to them, were they would put it on a bench, check it out and replace any bad parts, with REFURBISHED parts. I told him back up the horse pal, I don’t want REFURBISHED parts I want new parts, and that I bought a new computer not a REFURBISHED computer, he started that that was not possible that they would not put new parts into the computer, and once again things escalated very badly. (HORRIBLE WARRANTY).
I did demand to talk to someone higher up and I did make it up to a so called manager. This was also a futile attempt (HE DID NOT CARE EITHER). I ask to speak to his boss and he said that there was no one above him, I told him he was full of it. He said that there was no one there that would be relevant to my issue, I said (YOU MEAN THAT THERE IS NO ONE THERE THAT CARES JUST LIKE YOU). I ask him for a new computer (tower) and he said that that is not possible that they never do that. I then told him that they had done it 5 years prior. The I found out something a little more interesting. He said that if this problem happened within the first 21 days of the purchase, that they would give me a new computer. So there you go, it does happen.
I guess the good part of the warranty runs out after 21 days, and the junk warranty goes into effect, you get refurbished junk parts put into the piece of junk you bought. You can buy refurbished computers at a discount rate, I bought a new computer, and will now have a refurbished computer at new cost price.
I have learned my lesson about H/P (HEAP OF POOP), a lot of people warned me about buying an H/P (HEAP OF POOP) but I did not listen, now it is a lesson learned.
H/P (HEAP OF POOP) sells garbage and services it the same way. This is just a former customers opinion.

lascotty says: (9 years ago)
I am pissed off as well. I just got off the phone with them after having them close two warranty cases to replace my hard drive. Now my warranty is up and she won't give me any contact information or optinos. Ridiculous!

ccourts says: (9 years ago)
Yea I'm haaving the same issue my warrenty was out on Aug 31 one day ago and they wanted 49.95 just to troubleshoot my computer. they said that there was an extended warrenty but I didn't qualify for it. because i was 1 day out of warrenty. Was you able to get anywhere with this issue

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